9th Grade SHSAT LPX Test Practice

What is this LPX Test Practice for?`

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX Test Practice is a structured and effective way to prepare for the 9th Grade SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admission Test) and excel with test high scores.

What is in the SHSAT LPX Test Practice?

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX covers all parts of the 9th grade test: ELA, paragraph development, reading, open-ended math questions and 9th grade multiple choice math questions.

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX consists of over 900 SHSAT-style questions in about 50 Question Sets (QSets):

-- 10 QSets with reading passages.

-- 10 QSets with ELA questions covering short passages, paragraph develpment questions and ELA / grammar questions.

-- 10 QSets with open-ended math questions.

-- 20 QSets with multiple-choice math questions.

(On sign-up, 10 QSets are available for practice in the user's library. More QSets are automatically added to the library every week based on the progress.)

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX Test Practice has been meticulously created using the same successful and result-oriented methodology practiced in Sam School courses which have helped hundreds of students to get specialized high school admissions in New York, Virginia and other places.

Note: The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX does not include full length practice tests.

SHSAT Topics:

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX covers the following topics:

ELA: Punctuation, sentence structure, revising/editing sentences, sentence errors, combining sentences, sentence agreements, paragraph development, topic sentences, vocabulary, and more.

Reading comprehension: Reading passages on a variety of subjects.

Math: Open-ended math questions, numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, percents, work problems, algebra exponents, evaluating expressions, equations, basic functions, algebra word problems, radicals, probability, geometry coordinates, shapes, area, circumference, linear equations, circles, and more.

Who may take the SHSAT LPX?

The 9th Grade SHSAT LPX is for students who will be taking the 9th Grade SHSAT in New York this year. This LPX may not be relevant or useful to students who will NOT be taking the above Test.


You may try a FREE sample SHSAT LPX to see how it works. See details in this page.

Internet and Device Requirement

LPX is an online test practice system. Therefore, you’ll be required to have a reliable Internet connection and a suitable device such as a PC, laptop or tablet. Cell phones may not be suitable for the LPX Test Practice due to long reading passages and diagrams.

Google Chrome browser is recommended for LPX Test Practice.

Please try the sample SHSAT LPX, as mentioned above, to determine if your device and the browser are suitable to take the LPX.

LPX Test Practice Schedule

Upon registration, students may start taking LPX Test Practice at any time, from any location in the USA or other countries, using any compatible PC, laptop or tablet.

Access to the SHSAT LPX ends at 11:59 p.m. on November 20, 2023.

LPX Test Practice Fee:

Regular Fee: $99 (one time payment).
Special Offer Now: $39 (one time payment).

Terms of Purchase

Please read our Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy fully before registering for this LPX. By registering for Sam School’s LPX Test Practice, you acknowledge that you have read Sam School’s Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy and you agree to the same.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The customer is eligible for FULL refund if (1) the customer cancels the registration within THREE calendar days from the date of registration and (2) the customer accesses no more than TWO QSets, partly or fully, during the first THREE calendar days of registration and (3) the customer does not download / access / view any other QSets during the first THREE calendar of registration. No refund will be offered if ALL THREE conditions above are not satisfied. The date of registration for a SamSchool Product shall be deemed to be Day #1 for the purposes of cancellation and refund. Accessing a QSet, partly or fully, and / or practicing any question(s) in the LPX will be considered as accessing the QSet / LPX. Please [click here] to send a request to cancel a registration.

Please read our Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy fully before registering for this course.


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